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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2019 10:00pm-10:14pm +03

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we both strand that off malta in gale force conditions correlate reports. from the desperate conditions of the camps of libya to this. nearly two weeks at sea and a big storm has blown up on the western mediterranean as the storm approached the crew prepared their passengers for what was coming. we're going to move the for everybody from the last day inside. thirty two people men women and little children are now huddled below deck many a sea sick facing several more days of high winds and rough seas. many nationalities are represented here refugees running from libya include actual abdullah who has a ready escape to the war in south sudan you know. i'm here on this boat by the
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grace of god and thanks to the people of the ship life in libya was very difficult people are dying every day you get taken you get put in a room you get tortured every moment you're in libya your heart beats hard you don't know what will happen next. since their rescue more than thirteen days ago the refugees needs have been relayed to governments around europe the netherlands has made an offer to take some of the people on board but only if other nations step forward to. its part of the hard line taken by many european union nations against the arrival of people from libya. italy has refused to allow any ngo rescue ships to land refugees and multi itself has prevented ngo ships from operating out of ports on the island. but if you. go into a border safe the. situation.
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here. desperate for solutions the best that sea watches crew can hope for is that some other countries step forward to offer these people the chance to claim asylum until then see what has little option but to wait. for something to change car leg al jazeera the u.s. government has issued a travel advisory warning its citizens to be careful when visiting china the notice warned americans to be aware of what are called arbitrary enforcement of local laws the two canadians were detained in china over the past months accused of activities quote in danger in china security bad follow canada's arrest of a top chinese tech executive on suspicion of evading u.s. sanctions on iran. apple's boss says president trump's trade standoff with china
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isn't least partly to blame for the tech giants losing billions of dollars worth of business tim cook warned of lower than expected earnings for the first quarter of the year citing weaker demand from china where the economy is slowing down the trumpet ministration fired the first shots in the trade war which has seen both countries impose tariffs on each other's goods sean nicholas is a reporter at tech website the register he believes the trade tensions are not actually to blame. i think what apple would like to do is really kind of as much as possible site china site the trade or sales issues as the cause of this but as you noted the over the last couple years apple has significantly increased the price of the i phone we've tim cook's official explanation of this is you're seeing kind of a combination of the trade wars kind of causing problems in china kind of worries over the economy and that's making people less likely to go in and purchase apple
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products so you're seeing both apple saying this is the train where the economic policies but it's also you know our products are more expensive and fewer people want to go to the store and pay that much for a phone for hours trading there was something like seven point five percent drop in apple's share price i mean this isn't a huge hit for apple as far as the shortfall i believe it's only about four or five billion out of an eighty four billion dollar of revenue. for the quarter but if this is something that investors are paying attention to and they did punish apple pretty significantly after hours trading that's when i mean will have made history by landing a spacecraft on the so-called dark side of the moon landing highlights china's growing ambitions to rival the u.s. russia and europe in space that go again to be tells us what insights the probe could offer about our nearest neighbor. the dark side of the moon which can't be
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seen from has long been a source of fascination an unexplored frontier celebrated in popular culture but now thanks to a pioneering chinese space mission it is being explored for the very first time the chunky four spacecraft was launched last month and successfully landed on the far side of the moon at two twenty six g.m.t. on thursday. by ground zero used the whole process was as expected the result was pretty precise and the landing was very stable the current landing location is our most ideal landing place in other words we were right on target the chunky four carries a rope which will study the means to rain and send back samples to the scientists say the far side of the moon is geologically different to the near side one of the goals of this mission is to find out more about what lies beneath the surface but china's space dreams don't end that it wants to catch up with the united states and
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russia one day even leave the world space race china is treating the moon as the first big outpost in deep space for its long term plans it's already sent several missions to the moon it plans to send even more in the future including a sample return mission at some point but china is also setting its sights for mas and the asteroids and probably beyond it's been almost fifty years since neil armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon now the space race has a new contender china but as much as all world has changed the moon's mysteries continue to capture people's imagination victoria gate and be al-jazeera. brazil's new far right president jade bull so not his first cabinet meeting since being sworn in two days ago his chief of staff announced a purge of government contractor is seen as sympathetic to previous left wing administrations part of an attempt to transform brazil's political and economic
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climate but he faces a formidable array of challenges as john homan reports now from brasilia. i bought a ticket. for now he's president joey bull so not all can begin making good on his election promises he'll face some big challenges. crime is number one more than sixty thousand brazilians were killed in two thousand and seventeen alone noddle solution giving more people access to guns and police more license to kill you're going to hear to do it is that it is hands a service to cowboys to defend themselves will honor and respect those who sacrifice their lives for safety. but brazilian officers already killed thousands most of them young black it's being questioned if an even harder line will work. less controversial but just as challenging is pulsar noddles aim to curb corruption he's brought in sergio morrow the man in charge of latin america's
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biggest bribery investigation is his justice minister but it may be tougher than he thinks these fly take it's corruption and it's much more easier carries off like the narrative that in terms of practice. the government has besides the fact felt a strong we offered a president to fight against corruption in assessed establish a lot of oily coal ally has this. gulf war and that if i jam. and then there's the economy twelve million brazilians are unemployed also not all says that free market economics and small government will fix that you know did you give the government one spend more income seemed to do that but if he really wants to balance the books you have to make cuts to brazil's generous pension system it takes up more than half the federal budget that would be deeply unpopular how far president also not to get some responding to all of those challenges is going to be
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decided here in brasilia where his party has only about ten of the seats in the houses of congress so he's going to have to negotiate. what part him and that includes x. gen. let's take you back now to the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi is currently being sworn in as the new house speaker alerts in the city for the good of our country respecting our constituents who you are every one of you i respect you and the constituents who sent each and every one of us here they expect and deserve for us to try to find our common ground and we must try to do that stand our ground where we can't but always extend the hand of friendship thank you kevin mccarthy for your leadership i look forward to working with you congratulations on being thank you thank you. thank you graduations
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to each and every one of you new members of congress newly reelected members of congress thank you for your courage to run for office and to serve in this distinguished body every two years we gather in this chamber for a sacred ritual under the dome of this temple of democracy the capital of the united states we renew the great american experiment i'm protected low proud to be the woman speaker of the house of this congress which marks the one hundredth year of women having the right to vote.
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that we have the ability and the privilege to serve with over one hundred women members of. angrez the largest number in his. heart he said each of us comes to this chamber strengthened by the trust of our constituents and the love of our families let us congratulate and welcome all of the families who are here today thank you.
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let me take the privilege of thanking my dear husband paul and our five children. our five children nancy for in her steve jacqueline paul and alexandra and our nine grandchildren madeleine alexander liam shonan ryan thomas and paul bella and you know we're so proud of all of our grandchildren and we're proud of everyone's grandchildren and children who are here today will see more of them i'm also proud of my della sandro family was here from baltimore for us to in the spirit and that spirit my mother and father and my brother charlie was also married baltimore charged us through their example that public service is a noble calling of that we should serve with our hearts full of love and that
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america's heart is full of love. sing that to us tonight at my comrades as a talent american with their pride or their proud i want to acknowledge tony bennett who is here with us today. and that's nancy pelosi of course the new a c. her of the house of representatives in the u.k. in the u.s. of course she has held the post before we'll bring you more on the situation in the us in half an hour when we'll have more and you stay with us though coming up next on al-jazeera it's the street thanks.
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for the ok and you're in the stream and i'm ali could be today come satire survive in a so-called post truth era we chat with a panel of noted comedians about the power of political satire and while you're leaving your comments and questions in the u.k. to chat take a look at this rant by at tempted to call satirist home for. the left is responsible for this result because the left has now decided that any other opinion and the other way of looking at the world is unacceptable we don't debate anymore because the left won the culture wars.


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